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Full Immersion Path

Are You One of the 81,000?


IF YOU RESONATE WITH THE MISSION OF SRI AMMA BHAGAVAN to free humanity from suffering, ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT ENLIGHTENMENT, and want to BE AN INTEGRAL PART OF THE MISSION, consider this path. The FULL IMMERSION PATH is called the DEEKSHA YAJNA PROGRAM. You would register to become a member. Once a month, until the end of May 2024, the entire membership across the globe receives guidance directly from Sri Amma Bhagavan during a live online Darshan (question and answer session).


The Full Immersion Path is the best way to prepare your consciousness to support the shift. It is a spiritual intensive that supports liberation. The Great Compassionate Light supports the transformation through multiple processes to make the most use of our time before that very special cosmic event in January 2024, we invite all of you to become members of this very special Deeksha Yajna program at this time.


Deeksha means Divine Intervention and Yajna means Sacrifice. This program requires more of your time and effort and there is a membership fee. That is the small sacrifice you make to improve your life and the lives of the human family.


Since both of these programs are holistic by addressing the roots of your consciousness, you will see how your health, wealth, and relationships improve. Your inner state would become happier and more peaceful. You would become more successful. You will also grow a deeper bond with the Indwelling Presence in your heart so you can receive more and more help from the universe.


In addition to the Monthly Guidance directly from Sri Amma Bhagavan, you also receive:

  • A Powerful Blessing from Sri Amma Bhagavan to experience fulfillment in both spiritual and material needs or desires.

  • Transcripts of the darshans will be available to review at your leisure.

  • Weekly Sessions to Prepare for Peak States

  • Monthly Full Moon Enlightenment Process

  • Daily Prayers and Rituals by Monks for your enlightenment.

  • Monthly Q & A Session with a Guide from India

  • Community Forums on Telegram for discussion and connection

  • Members-only Website with Supportive Information

  • How Can We Help Telegram Group

  • Monthly & Members Only Newsletters


    The Full Immersion Path is a membership program with a fee. It extends beyond January and is effective through May 2024.


The Gift of Ananda

The Golden Age Movement is the mystical branch of Oneness. If you would like to dive a little deeper, and you enjoy chanting and rituals, consider the monthly Gift of Ananda course, where you will experience ancient spiritual technologies to help remove obstacles that limit the flow of causeless joy and causeless love.


These purification processes will help you to discover what is held in the subconscious mind and clear space for more bliss and joy.


There is a separate modest fee for this course.


If you have an organizer, speak to her or him about the Gift of Ananda course details. If you do not have an organizer, at the link below find, an organizer in your area who can help direct you:

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