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Conscious Alignment Path

Are You Prepared?


On Sundays for 10 weeks, beginning November 19, at 12 pm, Pacific, GAM USA-CANADA will offer a 45-60 minute session, including a video teaching from Sri Amma Bhagavan to help you understand more about the mission as well as the profound wisdom behind the transformation shared by the Summit panelists. The purpose of the Conscious Alignment path is to help those who are new to Oneness Golden Age Movement learn more about the dharma and experience Peak States on a regular basis. 

During these sessions, you also will hear how the specific teaching has helped someone make progress or experience transformation. You also will receive a Peak State Transfer from the Great Compassionate Light.
There is NO COST for this introductory program. 
By choosing the Conscious Alignment path you are aligning with a sacred intent to not only become free from suffering within yourself, but to flourish in all aspects of your life. Each week you will receive nourishment through the program to grow. As you grow in consciousness you will see the benefits of your growth helping those around you as well. Join us for the Conscious Alignment program, even if you should also opt for the Full Immersion path. 
Invite others to join as well. 
Register once in advance by clicking the CONSCIOUS ALIGNMENT 10 link

The Gift of Ananda

The Golden Age Movement is the mystical branch of Oneness. If you would like to dive a little deeper, and you enjoy chanting and rituals, consider the monthly Gift of Ananda course, where you will experience ancient spiritual technologies to help remove obstacles that limit the flow of causeless joy and causeless love.


These purification processes will help you to discover what is held in the subconscious mind and clear space for more bliss and joy.


There is a modest fee for this course.


If you have an organizer, speak to her or him about the Gift of Ananda course details. If you do not have an organizer, at the link below find, an organizer in your area who can help direct you:

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